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how to throw the perfect virtual shower

Image Credit:  @johnnyjaquezphotography for @inhonoromotherhood

Having a baby during a global pandemic? That’s cause to celebrate! While a traditional baby shower (think: jam-packed room, hugs, belly rubbing) might not be possible right now, a virtual baby shower definitely is. And it’s easier to plan than you think!

A virtual baby shower is a fun and engaging new way to celebrate parents-to-be, allowing friends both in the neighborhood and abroad to be a part of the welcoming committee. That’s a win all around! In fact, this trend could stick around long after we’re finished battling COVID, and we’re kind of digging it.

Throwing the perfect virtual shower is a cinch and can really blow your guests away, if you do it right. Here’s 8 tips to help get you started. (Psst: forward this to your sibling/parent/BFF now!)

Image Credit: @johnnyjaquezphotography for @inhonoromotherhood

1. Choose a tech-savvy baby shower host.
You don’t want any hiccups on the big day, so make sure you have a baby shower host with lots of tech knowledge. Enlist someone who knows their way around the internet and can troubleshoot any issues (like muting that person who forgot to turn their TV off) as they arise.

2. Find your (online) venue.
Believe it or not, your venue is just as important virtually as it is in the tangible world. Zoom, Google Meet and Skype are tried and true options, but there are also some new sites cropping up. WebBabyShower is an online platform where you customize your very own baby shower online. The platform includes video & photo albums, games, a guest book, gift registry and even a built in email invitation system where you can send invites directly from your shower. WebBabyShower has helped thousands and thousands of families organize online baby showers for over a decade, long before Covid.

3. Choose a theme and go hard.
Whether you love Disney, Britney Spears or just pink pink pink, find a theme and play it up! Just because this shower isn’t IRL, doesn’t it mean it has to be boring AF. Invite your guests to join the call in full costume too and take turns letting everyone show off their style.

jalise fresco solo black
Image Credit: @jalisaevaughn

4. Have guests go in on a big gift.
Lessen your environmental impact -- and the time it takes to open a gazillion gifts on screen (yawn) -- by asking your friends and family to go in on a big gift. Our fresco high chair can be used from birth to age eight, so even if they can’t meet your baby right now, you can be sure your shower attendees will eventually get to see the fresco in use….in person! For those that want to contribute their own personal gift, let them supplement with an extra seat pad in a fun color (the fresco has 15 interchangeable options!) or pick up one of fresco’s helpful accessories such as our fresco mat & bowl set or wooly seat liner.

5. Go big on your background.
If costumes aren’t your thing, do up your space! Everyone will love seeing beautiful balloons, flowers or spectacular seat framing for the special day. Encourage your guests to really go above and beyond and do up their own backgrounds too. You could even offer a prize to the guest with the most beautiful setup!

6. Plan engaging games.
Some baby shower games work just as well over video chat as they do in real life. Play your own version of “The Price is Right” with common baby products (can anyone guess the price of a bloom alma mini? It’s $2800 and worth every penny!). Have your tech-savvy host take the lead by showing photos full screen for every guest to get a good look at.

Image Credit:

7. Get everyone involved.
Some guests might be too shy to speak up on camera, so do a little prep work ahead of time. Ask each person on the guest list to write a sentence or two for the new baby that can be read aloud, either by the guest or the host during the shower. 

8. Invite a few friends...for a drive-by! 

Organize a drive by parade, where familiar faces can give gifts and well-wishes… through the passenger side window! Deck out their yard and make it super festive. It’ll be a day nobody will ever won’t forget.


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Hanna Nakano is a Washington, D.C. based writer and photographer, and mother of two.

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